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Lab Grown Diamonds

Nature Untouched   You may have seen or heard about lab grown diamonds, but what are they? Are they real diamonds?   In short, the answer is yes. Laboratory grown diamonds are real diamonds that are grown by scientists in a lab rather naturally deep within the Earth. Today we launch our very own lab… read more…

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The First Steps On Your Ear Piercing Adventure

A piercing is a monumental moment in most people’s lives, especially the first, which more often than not tends to be the ear lobe. With it’s delicate positioning and the vast array of earrings available, it’s easy to understand why it is such a popular choice. If you’re considering this piercing option for yourself, there… read more…

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Sparkle with Statement Earrings This Spring

They were a feature on London Fashion Week’s catwalks. Sparkling statement earrings and dramatic drop earrings are still on point this spring. They were everywhere, from Harrods to H&M and the trend sees no signs of abating. So, how to wear statement earrings? It’s best to make them the centrepiece of your outfit. Wear them… read more…

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