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If you are reading this you must be at some stage of wedding planning, what and exciting time! Congratulations on your up coming wedding. Choosing a wedding ring is such an important purchase, a ring you will treasure forever. H Hogarth is an independent family run jewellers with almost 100 years in the same family, it is safe to say jewellery is in our blood. Below you will find some helpful information to help you choose the perfect weddings.

Love & Commitment

A wedding ring is usually worn by both the bride and groom and is a symbol of the love and commitment they have for each other.

It is thought that our tradition of wearing the wedding ring on the left hands comes from the Egyptians. The Egyptians believed that the ‘vena amoris’ translated to ‘vein of love’ and ran from the ring finger on your left hand all the way to the heart. Normally the wedding ring goes on the finger first and then the engagement ring is worn on top. This comes from an old British superstition that the wedding ring must never be taken off. Of course, these are just traditions there is no reason why you can’t make your own traditions and wear your wedding and engagement ring how you want to.



One of the first things you may think of is deciding on your budget. I would advise coming into store or having a look on our website at the sort of ring you would like before you decide on a budget. Also don’t forget we offer 0% interest free credit on all purchases of £500 and over, this will allow you to have the ring of your dreams. A wedding ring is one of the few things you will take from your wedding day that you will wear everyday for the rest of your life. Of course, the memories are so precious but make sure you choose a wedding ring that’s perfect too.


Ring Style  

Whether you go for plain, diamond set, shaped or bespoke shaped the choice is yours.

Plain wedding rings – Our plain wedding rings are available in lots of different profiles, in all precious metals and various widths. This is the traditional style of wedding ring. Within the plain wedding ring styles we also have a selection of rings with different finishes and patterns. We can help you match the profile of your wedding ring to your engagement ring.

Diamond set wedding rings – There are so many styles of diamond set wedding bands to choose from a wedding band set with just a few diamonds to one set with diamonds all the way around. There is a style and price to suit everyone. There are many different diamond settings which affect how the wedding band looks. Can’t decide between a plain or diamond set wedding ring? Why not choose an offset diamond ring to give you the best of both? As well as the different diamond settings there is also a range of carat weights to give you a different look. We believe it’s all about trying on to see what looks best on your hand and with your engagement ring. Book an appointment for a wedding ring consultation here.

Shaped Wedding Rings– Shaped wedding rings are made to fit around an engagement ring that is not wed fit. They are sometimes known as wishbone rings. Shaped wedding rings follow the curve or point of your engagement ring. There are many different types of shaped ring from ‘U’ shaped to ‘V’ shaped. You really need to try on the shaped rings to see what goes best with your engagement ring. Shaped wedding rings come in both plain and diamond set styles.

Bespoke Shaped Wedding Rings – Do you want something that fits exactly round your engagement ring? Then bespoke shaped to fit is for you. Below you will see the different bespoke wedding rings we can create for you. Everyone’s requirements are different so we will be happy to discuss the options with you.

Shaped wedding rings




We recommend the metal you choose for your wedding ring matches that of your engagement ring. This is simply because they are worn next to each other will wear together. We offer the below precious metals and titanium.

Platinum – Platinum is an incredibly hard-wearing precious metal and is naturally white in colour. Platinum does not oxidize nor does the colour fade, making it the ideal metal to stand the test of time. All of our platinum wedding rings are made using the finest alloy, meaning they are 95% pure.

Palladium – Palladium is a relatively new precious metal and is naturally white in colour so does not need replating. It is in the same family as platinum however it is a much lighter metal.  We offer our wedding rings in two standards, Palladium 500 and Palladium 950. Meaning palladium 500 is 50% pure and palladium 950 is 95% pure.


White gold – All our white gold wedding rings are available in both 9ct and 18ct gold. White gold is yellow gold mixed with other white metals to create a paler colour, it is then rhodium plated to create the brilliance and shine. It is worth remembering that over time the rhodium plating does wear and to keep your ring looking it is best you will need to have it re rhodium plated. This is a service we offer, and your ring comes back looking like new.

Yellow gold – Our yellow gold rings are available in 9ct, 18ct and 22ct gold. Yellow gold is the traditional material for a wedding ring. It is a hard-wearing metal, the warmth and colour of yellow gold varies with the different carats. Yellow gold does not change in colour. 9ct gold has a finesse of 375 which means it has 37.5% pure gold. 18ct gold has a finesse of 750 which means it has 75% pure gold. 22ct gold has a finesse of 916 which means it contains 91.6% pure gold. This is good to know as the differing carat of gold affects the price of the ring.

Titanium – We offer a smaller selection of gent’s titanium wedding rings. Titanium is a super lightweight and hard-wearing metal, but it is not a precious metal. Titanium rings are inexpensive however they cannot be altered in size.


Ring Profiles

If you decide you want a plain wedding ring, then there are lots of different profiles to choose from.  After trying on and deciding which profile you like best you can then decide on the perfect width. All of our plain wedding rings are comfort fit, so they are ideal for wearing all the time.


Wedding ring profiles

Most of our wedding rings are available in all the different precious metals so if you see one you like on our website but would like to know the price for it in a different metal, please get in touch. Hopefully, this will have given you some helpful advice on choosing your wedding rings. Please contact us for any further information or simply use our online booking system to book an appointment to try on wedding rings.

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