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The Best Fathers Day Gifts Of 2017

Today we’ll be looking at what we think are the best Fathers Day gifts on 2017. This year it’s on Sunday, 18th June. It’s a great way to celebrate your dad or grandad and the contribution they’ve made to your life. Father’s Day began as a Catholic celebration linked to St Joseph’s Day. It was… read more…

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5 Tips to Spring Clean Your Jewellery Box

5 Tips to Spring Clean Your Jewellery Box

As people spring clean their homes and wardrobes, it’s important not to forget to spring clean your jewellery box. Empty the Box   To start with, carefully empty out your jewellery box onto a smooth, clean surface. A tray is a great way to do this. Once empty, clean the box itself. Use the appropriate… read more…

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Emerald May's Birthstone

Emerald, May’s Birthstone

Emerald is May’s Birthstone. Emeralds are rare and valuable, and mostly used in jewellery. The rich green emerald colour is still the most important factor in gem quality, with clarity a close second (as the stone is prone to inclusions). History Historically, emeralds have been mined in Egypt, India and Austria. Nowadays the two biggest… read more…

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