How to Style Rose Gold Jewellery

Rose gold has certainly been gaining in popularity in recent years, seen in everything from jewellery to smartphones and the trend is showing no sign of slowing down.

It may not be quite as popular as other metals like gold, silver or platinum, but rose gold is a very versatile metal which works with a number of different styles and skin tones.

So, if you’ve recently purchased a new piece of rose gold jewellery and are wondering the best way to wear it, read on for our quick guide.

What is Rose Gold?

Rose gold isn’t an actual element of its own which can be mined, rather, it’s normal yellow gold which has been alloyed with copper, to give it that rosy colour.

The amount of copper in the alloy will determine how dark or light the rose gold, with most pieces being either 9ct, 14ct or 18ct.


One of the great things about wearing jewellery with a slightly different colour such as rose gold is that it stands out all on its own, so you don’t necessarily have to style it with anything else.

For example, a good rose gold statement piece such as this Links of London Essentials Silk Necklace is sure to stand perfectly well on its own.

Just make sure not to go overboard and wear too much rose gold at once. In fact, it’s probably best to limit yourself to just the one or two rose gold pieces for one outfit.

Mixed with Other Metals

While it’s often been said that you should never mix metals, these rules are long gone, and the naturally warm, soft hue of rose gold means that it’s actually very easy to style with other metals.

Rose gold can help to add some depth to darker gold pieces or add an extra sparkle to silver and platinum pieces.

Remember though, when mixing with golds, make sure that they’re darker golds, and when mixing with silver, go for softer tones, as these will both help your rose gold piece to stand out.

For example, why not layer a rose gold necklace with a different coloured necklace, or try stacking up a rose gold bracelet or ring with other metals. Again, be sure not to overdo it, and don’t mix more than two different types of metal.


Rose gold also looks great when embedded with gemstones, especially diamonds or cubic zirconia, such as in this Sif Jakobs Sterling Silver Corte Quattro Ring.

The soft pink colour of rose gold jewellery also looks good with blues stones and jewellery, particularly turquoise, which looks really vibrant alongside rose gold.


One of the best things about rose gold is how versatile it is, meaning it can easily be dressed either up, or down, worn casually with jeans and a t-shirt, or on a night out with a nice dress.

It also works well with most styles and colours, although it looks particularly good with other soft pinks and nude and earthy tones. Beige, dusty pink and other nudes are all fairly muted colours which work perfectly with your rose gold jewellery. Another great idea if you’re wearing rose gold rings is to paint your nails to match!

Rose gold may be unfamiliar to you, but if you haven’t added it to your collection already, then now’s the time!

Start off simple and slowly start to incorporate it into your outfits to see how beautiful and versatile rose gold jewellery can be!

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