Our History

Branthwaite Brow

Branthwaite Brow Plaque Branthwaite Brow is a steep, narrow and cobbled thoroughfare, connecting the Market Place with the bottom of Finkle Street. The buildings now on the West side of Branthwaite Brow were built, and to save space, cast iron plates were used instead of bricks to front the properties. These plates were cast by a local iron founder called John Winder. The plaque on the wall relates to the widening of Branthwaite Brow, and to the date the plates were used in the building of the shops.

H.Hogarth are believed to be the only jeweller's shop in the world with highly distinctive, diamond patterned, cast iron walls. The family owners proudly boast cast iron outside with a superb display of real diamonds inside the shop.

Photos taken of the jewellers at the turn of the last century even show that wrist watches had not been invented as only pocket watches are displayed.

Cyril Robert Hogarth

J.Moore Watchmaker Cyril Robert Hogarth bought the jewellers in 1923, he also dispensed spectacles, frames and glasses. Cyril died in 1942 aged 40 and his widow Hilda, who had not been involved in the business, was faced with running it as it could not be sold during the war years. In 1955 when the business was about to be sold because of Mrs Hogarth's poor health, her son Alan decided to leave his career in banking to take over. He underwent intensive training and was active in the National Association of Goldsmiths. Later Alan Hogarth became a founder member of the Company of Master Jewellers, staying on the board for 10 years and acting as Chairman for 4 years.

Alan and his wife travelled with jewellers study tours all over the world taking in Australia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Japan and Hong Kong. They both also studied in Switzerland at different times in the 1970s.

Graeme Hogarth

Westmorland Gazette Graeme, the third generation Hogarth jeweller, won the Rayner Award coming top of 38 countries in his Gemmology exams. In 1982 after working in Perth and studying in Switzerland, he joined the family business. In 2002 the third major extension of the business took place doubling the selling space by extending into the next door shop.

In autumn 2009 the Silver shop was doubled in size to create a two storey shop now selling lots of designer, contemporary and traditional silver jewellery.

Helen Hogarth

H.Hogarth Silver Shop In 1989 H.Hogarth opened a shop opposite selling gifts, this evolved over the years to a shop selling silver jewellery & watches by many leading contemporary & classic brands. Graeme's wife, Helen, joined the business following the birth of Laura in 1993 & Sam in 1996, she now manages the Silver Shop.


Kendal Gold jewellery shop - inside the ring lounge The H.Hogarth Gold Shop on Branthwaite Brow has seen a lot of changes over the years. 2010 saw the most recent improvements with a fresh new look to match the Silver Shop opposite. The Ring Lounge provides both the privacy and luxurious surroundings to reflect the service provided from our expert staff.