2018’s Top Jewellery Trends

While jewellery doesn’t go through the annual revolutions that clothing fashion does, it still has its ‘in’ and ‘out’ themes. Being ahead of the trend when it comes to jewellery fashion can earn you many compliments on your choices as well as giving you a collection of items that will become valued ‘retro’ pieces in their own right as jewellery fashions change.


What jewellery is hot on the catwalks in 2018?

This year’s spring and summer trends will definitely include extravagant earrings. Fashion designers from Chanel to Stella McCartney to Balenciaga all featured large earrings so we can safely predict this is hot. But the way they approached the ‘statement earring’ was quite different so there’s something for everyone in this vogue.

  • Chanel went for large diamond earrings, bearing the fashion house logo at the top and pendant shapes beneath, worn by this year’s hottest supermodel, Kaia Gerber.
  • Balenciaga opted for the popular enamelled earring option.
  • Most interesting of all, to fashion fans, was Stella McCartney’s approach to the big earring which had as a central feature earrings in large open knot shapes in this year’s Dulux Colour of the Year, Heart Wood, which the colour company describes as ‘a beautiful warm pink’. Seeing two of the big fashion statements of 2018 come together like this shows just how accurate the trend-spotters can be, and you can bet that this glowing pink shade will feature heavily throughout the year.


Pearl jewellery craze for 2018

Most catwalks also featured pearls – but not the tame little necklaces worn by good girls on Mad Men! This year’s pearls are big, beautiful and above all, bold. Fashionable pearls are clustered together to create great billowing clouds of glowing purity, perfect example of which is our white pearl charm bracelet. Pendant pearls are popular too, but they weren’t being worn solo, instead great tangles of necklace were draped around the models’ necks, each one featuring a different pearl, charm or bauble, to create the impression of messy luxury.


Diamond bangles

Chanel had a much-discussed accessory look, transparent gloves under which the models were wearing a dozen or more diamond bracelets which scintillated in the light. It’s a fashion that’s built upon the transparent hats, boots and gloves that the brand revealed last year and while we haven’t seen any of these perspex gloves in the shops yet, the diamond bracelets are definitely becoming a craze.


Enamel and ormolu

For the vintage jewellery fanatic, a deliciously old-fashioned fad will be back in the limelight in 2018 – enamelling. While your vintage pieces will definitely look good, there’s also an upgrade to the enamel trend, which builds on bright modern styling and uses strong colours to create a statement look, like our Molly Brown enamel hearts. Ormulu is also appearing alongside enamel, and this rich golden alloy brings warmth to this year’s fashion jewellery.

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