Our Services

In addition to demonstrating our expertise through customer service, we also provide several services from the Jewellers including valuations, gold and silver buying, watch batteries and repairs, jewellery repairs and ear-piercing.

Gift Vouchers

If you're stuck and can't think of what to buy your loved one, why not choose a H Hogarth gift voucher? We offer gift vouchers for any amount over £10. If you can't come into the shop please call us on 01539 722166 and we can take payment over the phone and post a voucher out to you.


It is important to have your jewellery valued regularly to ensure the values are up to date. We do two types of valuations;

Valuation for Insurance - This valuation states the replacement value of your item.

Valuation for probate - This is a valuation that is done when a relative has died and you are settling the estate and it gives you a value based on the current value if an item was sold to a trader or even sold for scrap purposes.

All our valuations are done on the premises and are usually completed within a week. On collection you will receive a detailed valuation of each of your items.

Gold Buying

If you are interested in selling any of your unwanted gold jewellery then please bring your items into the shop where we will weigh your items and give you a price. If you would like any further advise please contact us.

Watch Repairs

We can do most battery replacements on site. We have a great deal of experience in battery replacements and watch repairs and can service most watches. If we are official agents for the watch brand we can send your watch directly to the manufacturer to be repaired.

Jewellery Repairs & Engraving

We offer a comprehensive jewellery repair service. This ranges from ring sizes and chain repairs to re-mounting jewellery. Every repair is unique and has its own requirements. We are happy to advise and provide estimates to repair your jewellery. Call in store for more details.

We also offer an engraving service.

Ear Piercing

Here at H Hogarth we offer an ear piercing service in store.

We do both the ear lobe and outer cartilage piercing, using our new Inverness ear piercing system which is one of the most gentle ear piercing systems available. It is the only system that has a fully- enclosed sterile earring capsules and the exclusive Inverness Safety Back™. We use a hand-pressured instrument and sterile, pre-sealed, hypoallergenic piercing earrings. Our piercing earrings are specially-designed with ultra-thin piercing posts & a finely honed piercing tip to help the earrings glide through the lobe as easily as possible, which makes this system perfect for piercing both the lobe and the outer cartilage.

Our ear piercing prices start from £30 for both ears and £20 for just one ear, this price includes the earrings and aftercare solution. You can view the different earrings you can choose from and also the prices here. Both ears. Single ear.

We offer 10% off your first pair of earrings. The minimum age for lobe ear piercing is 8 years old, if you are 16 and under you must attend with a parent or guardian. The minimum age for cartilage piercing is 16, please make sure you bring a valid form of identification to your appointment.

You can make an appointment online, or alternatively please call the shop on 01539 722166.